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The Beauty of It

I started doing something new Starting with the way I wake up I open my eyes and begin my search It's different this time because I know I'll find what I'm looking for Instead of getting to the bottom it I'm getting to the beauty of it It's so much easier this way The bottom… Continue reading The Beauty of It

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Make Yourself at Home

What kind of house do you live in? Was it crafted from wood from a far away place Do you proudly tell it's story to your guests Or was it toiled over By hands of men whose story you've never heard What kind of house do you live in? Did you choose the layout With… Continue reading Make Yourself at Home


Lots of Poetry.

I got to go with my mom and roommates on a road trip for my 25th birthday. Big Sur was the main destination 🙂 We drove on the magical highway of 1, read lots of poetry, and got covered in ashes from our little fire. It was great and the rest is too special for… Continue reading Lots of Poetry.

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Breathing Is Good

I can see right through myself. This roll of film is basically me trying to find peace before, after, and in the midst of a hard time. I don't know how I found myself taking so many pictures of waves, but it helped. Taking photos of my family helped too. & of course birds. Maybe… Continue reading Breathing Is Good

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Scotland/Ireland- Part 2

If there's one thing this trip taught me, it's what the meaning of the color green is. Green is something that's alive. It's ever-growing, waving hello, and just being. It's preparing places of peace. It's something so alive that it can be there for you or not be there for you. I've always said my… Continue reading Scotland/Ireland- Part 2

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Scotland/Ireland- Part 1

"Today we saw beauty at a new level. God made a spectacular thing out of Scotland. I feel like it's a place that looks like something that lives in my heart & I've imagined it for so long, that being in it has felt normal and homey..but it also blows my mind." -my journal, September 8th… Continue reading Scotland/Ireland- Part 1

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Fill My Heart, Scotland

When we get out of the glass bottle of our ego and when we escape like the squirrels in the cage of our personality and get into the forest again, we shall shiver with cold and fright. But things will happen to us so that we don't know ourselves. Cool, unlying life will rush in.… Continue reading Fill My Heart, Scotland

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I’ll be home in a minute.

it starts with a walk around the neighborhood. i'll be home in a minute, carrying eternity in my hands. it starts with wondering what would happen if you carried your camera everywhere with you. what if you were that person? letting your shoulder get used to the burden and letting your heart get attached. you… Continue reading I’ll be home in a minute.


Burlingame Baby

Tia & Nate Burlingame I've know Tia since I became best friends with her little sister in the 3rd grade. It has been great getting to know her as more than just my best friend's sister or just my older sister's best friend. She has a beautiful heart and I think it displays itself in… Continue reading Burlingame Baby